Our First Audience Choir

On Sunday, December 4th, Canvas invites you to be a part of our first ever Audience Choir. We will be singing Daniel Kantor's "Night of Silence/Silent Night." If you have sung in a choir before, you will likely know which of the four parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass) to sing. 

Not sure which part fits you? Here are the general guidelines:

Men and Women are most commonly divided into 'high' and 'low.' If you are female, high voices are called SOPRANOs (think Katy Perry, Mariah Carey). Lower voices are ALTOs (Adele, Karen Carpenter). If you are male, low voices are called BASSes (Crash Test Dummies), higher voices are TENORs (Justin Timberlake, Peter Pan).

In our piece for Sunday, you will be divided simply into two parts: men and women. 

The most recognizable part of a piece of music is the 'melody.' Things that accompany melodies are called 'harmony.' When you first learn to sing in a choir, staying on your part is the most challenging task. You can expect that to be a challenge. That is totally normal. Just keep practicing, and be sure to listen.

I chose this piece because it features a beautiful type of harmony: a DESCANT.

A descant is a secondary melody that A) in and of itself is interesting, and B) goes well with a familiar melody. In this case, the Christmas carol "Silent Night."

Thank you for giving this a try! I look forward to hearing everyone on the 4th.

- Lynn